ABT cine Hanse Inno Tech SpeedMount PL DSMC2

Speedbooster auf PL-Mount für Red DSMC2 Bodies

 70,00 / Tag
 280,00 / Woche


  • 1x ABT cine Hanse Inno Tech SpeedMount PL DSMC2
  • 2x Cap
  • 1x customized Standart OLPF für Red DSMC2

Testfootage mit HIT Celere18.5mm auf Red Epic-W Helium 8K:


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ABT cine and Hanse Inno Tech – SpeedMount PL DSMC2

As a dealer and distributor for professional cine equipment, ABT cine started more than a year ago on the SpeedMount PL DSMC2 as a solution to adapt full frame lenses to the RED DSMC2 Helium or Dragon sensor while gaining nearly one stop of light.

The research led up to a cooperation with Lars and Steven from Hanse Inno Tech, who not only brought the popular Celere HS lenses to the market, but also manufacture well thought out grip solutions, which makes them the perfect partner for optical as well as mechanic product development.


  • The SpeedMount reduces the full frame (43.3mm) image circle to S35 format (x0.72) while speeding up the lens for nearly one f-stop.
  • The new image circle covers 7K WS / 7K HD Helium and 5K WS / 5K HD Dragon..
  • Positive lock to securely mount your lenses.
  • Original RED VV OLPF with custom holder included (you can choose between RED’s „Skin Tone / Highlight“, „Standard“ and „Low Light“).
  • No modifications to your DSMC2 camera needed. Easy to swap with your regular DSMC2 mounts and OLPFs.
  • Black anodized aluminium body.

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