Atlas Lens Orion Anamorphic 21mm T2

der weitwinkligste Frontanamorphot der Welt

 350,00 / Tag
 1.400,00 / Woche


  • 1x Atlas Lens Orion 21mm T2, PL-Mount
  • 1x Frontcap
  • 1x Rearcap

21mm Orion Series:

The world’s widest front anamorphic cinema lens

The Atlas 21mm offers the widest horizontal field of view of any Cinemascope format 35mm motion picture camera lens, and is optimized for use on both film and digital sensors. The Orion 21mm represents a previously unattainable wide-angle anamorphic field of view using a front anamorphic system, with a pleasing level of distortion, in a lightweight and compact form factor that will not encumber cinematographers and operators.

  • Extremely low distortion for an incredibly wide lens
  • 124º horizontal field-of-view with 2x anamorphic squeeze
  • 18” (1.5’) close focus
  • Covers traditional anamorphic 4:3 film and digital sensor formats up to 24.89mm x 18.66mm
  • Covers full frame formats edge-to-edge with the Atlas 1.6x LF Extender
  • Complements the Orion Series family of lenses (21/25/32/40/50/65/80/100)



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-Kürzeste Entfernungseinstellung 0.45m
-Blendenbereich T2.0 – T16
-Gewicht 3.1kg
-Länge 18.7cm
-136mm Standard Außendurchmesser
-Austauschbares Mount System (PL oder EF)
-0,8mm Zahnung / Fokus- und Blendenring
-Sensorabdeckung: 24,89 x 18,66mm
-Bildkreis 31,00mm
-Bildwinkel 124° (Horizontal FOV)
-Vollformat tauglich mit dem ATLAS 1.6x LF-Extender
-Fokusgang 270°

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