Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q 256 GB SSD (CD-SSD-256GB)

zuverlässige SSD für Odyssey 7/7Q/7Q+

 20,00 / Tag
 80,00 / Woche


  • 1x Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q 256 GB SSD (CD-SSD-256GB)

Convergent Design 2.5″ SSD’s are server-grade drives with built in power protection. All Convergent Design SSD’s are thoroughly evaluated and tested. Prior to distribution, all SSD’s are burned-in and checked for errors.


Sustained Read/Write Speeds

From burst length to que depth, there is a bevy of technical considerations taken to ensure maximum performance.

Power Consumption

Active and idle power consumption effects heat, battery life and reliability. Convergent Design recorders are known for being small, light, low power recorders, so you can expect the best performance from our SSD’s.

Loss of Power

Convergent Design SSD’s will recover and close clips in the event of lost power.

File Closing & Formatting Time

Off-the-shelf media can have very slow closing files and formatting, effecting time between takes.

Wake-up Time

When you hit record, you can be sure that our SSD’s will be alert and ready to capture!