Lindsey Optics Brilliant² 4×5.65/138 1-Slot Variable ND Filter

vario ND für 4×5.65 Filterbühnen

 30,00 / Tag
 120,00 / Woche


  • 1x Filter
  • 1x Filtertasche

The Brilliant² 4×5.65/138mm Variable Neutral Density Filter Fits in Most 4×5.65 Matte Boxes

Fits in one slot, (stage) of most 4×5.65 Matte Boxes. 

Provides 2 to 8 stops of light reduction with ND values between ND 0.6 (2 Stops) and ND 2.4 (8 Stops).

Thumb Wheel Gears are Calibrated

Built using reduction gearing, 360 degree rotation of the thumb wheel gear results in 90 degrees of rotation of the main gear.  This allows us to calibrate the thumb wheel gear in units between 2 and 8 stops of light reduction.  Note, the stop calibration is approximate.

Unique tray mount design

Quick and easy insertion.

The handle has a standard 1/4 20 thread to allow mounting a motor. If the motor is synchronized with the lens aperture a variable depth of field effect can be achieved.

The Brilliant² 4×5.65/138mm 1-Slot Variable Neutral Density Filter is 6mm thick and is designed to fit in most 4×5.65″ matte boxes. 

No Accidental Polarization in the Scene or Cross Polarization in the Camera

Our Variable Neutral Density filters are constructed using two Lindsey Optics 138mm Brilliant Pol circular polarizers.  One of the polarizers rotates and the other is fixed. 

As with all circular polarizers, the Brilliant Pol Circular Polarizer is constructed with two internal components, a linear polarizer that will reduce reflections when rotated and a “quarter wave plate” that spins the light.  When one of our circular polarizers is used as polarizer, the quarter wave plate faces the camera lens, depolarizing the light entering the camera lens, preventing any cross polarization inside the camera and lens system.

When we build our Variable ND filters using th circuelar polarizer the glass is oriented with the quarter wave retarders facing out, effectively de-polarizing on both sides. This prevents accidental polarization effects in the scene and allows the Variable ND to be inserted into the matte box in either orientation.

Water White Optical Glass with MC Coating

The Lindsey Optics Brilliant-Pol Polarizing Filters used in our Variable Neutral Density filters are constructed using Schott B270 “water white” optical glass and have a broadband multi-layer anti-reflection coating which dramatically reduces flare, stray light and ghost images caused by filter to filter reflection. Contrast and color saturation are increased. They are ground and polished to be very flat and will not cause distortions or focus shifts, even with long focal length lenses.   

Large Diameter Clear Aperture

The included large 138mm diameter polarizers give a large 5.1″ clear aperture, useful even with wide angle lenses and large zoom lenses.

Quick and Sure No-Slip Rotation

Change of density can be done by spinning either of the two thumb wheels by hand or with a motor mounted on the 1/4–20 thread in the handle.

Our superior mechanical design includes an all-aluminum main gear in which the138mm Brilliant Pol Circular Polarizer filter is mounted. That main gear rests on internal Delrin™ rollers for smooth rotation no-slip rotation, The main gear is driven by aluminum thumb wheels that are geared with standard 0.8 pitch gear teeth for use with motorized wireless remote systems.

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