Teradek RT (RTMotion) Latitude Receiver

Camera Control Interface für WiFi und RTMotion

 30,00 / Tag
 120,00 / Woche


  • 1x RTMotion Latitude
  • 1x Red Control Kabel
  • 1x D-Tap Kabel
  • 1x Lemo 2-Pin Kabel


LATITUDE can function as a replacement for the RTMotion RECEIVER, adding lots of new capabilities, including WIFI and the ability to interface with RED camera’s CTRL port. Initially RED integration will allow control of Focus/ Iris on Canon EF lenses (i.e. without external lens motors!). The ability to control other RED functions (shutter, iso, 1:1 magnification, etc.) will be added via firmware upgrades soon after the initial release!

LATITUDE supports two thumbwheels, mappable to lens motors or Canon EF on RED.


Introducing LATITUDE, Designed by PRYOR Technik for RTMotion.


LATITUDE is an interface between your camera, lens, IPhone, and a range of pro input devices – wireless handsets, thumbwheels, and more.

RED EPIC, Scarlet, and DSMC2

  • Use the RTMotion Controller (MK3.1) to control EF lenses (Canon, Nikon) via their internal motors, over a rock-solid RF wireless link.
  • Control “focus” and “iris” via two thumbwheels.
  • Add up to 3 RT Motion Motors for PL glass*.
  • Special FOOLCONTROL integration. Configure the LATITUDE via free IPhone app.

Top-tier Lens Control System for ARRI, Sony, Canon, etc.

  • Add an RTMotion Controller (MK3.1) and up to 3 RT Lens motors for FIZ control of PL and SLR lenses*.
  • Run/stop cables available for all common systems – ARRI, Sony F55, Phantom, GH4, LANC (Sony FS7, Canon C100/300/500, Blackmagic), etc.
  • Unequalled 1.5Km wireless range, perfect for drones and harsh RF environments like stadiums.

Unique operating modes available by adding an additional battery-powered LATITUDE:

  • FOOLCONTROL-over-RF (up to 1.5Km**), for drones, DIT, etc.
  • Thumbwheels-over-RF (mount thumbwheels to a wireless monitor, or control iris from video village).


  • Power cable (2pin lemo).
  • To connect to RED: “LATITUDE RED-CTRL Cable” (Cables for other cameras available)

*LATITUDE-MDR-M has 1 motor socket. You can attach up to 3 motors via a splitter sold separately!

**Max range line-of-sight

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